Reggae Folk Rock

Calvin Wumbaya and the Band Members


Singer/songwriter Calvin Wumbaya, once a lawyer, now a nomadic explorer of perspective, has been a performing artist since the year he completed his degree in Law in Delhi in 2010 and has been doing gigs professionally at various places in India, performing acoustic sets with associate musicians as part of Woody Accouche Project and Wumbaya Collective.

Apart from his work as a Songwriter, he performs Hindi as well as English covers of genres ranging from classic rock, grunge, reggae, soul to folk, contemporary and world music. 

He composed and produced his debut album `Jive Tribe` at Delhi and released it in the year 2017 as a tribute to his life and learnings as a traveller and experiences with jamming with the many associates of his band over the years. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Delhi by Ashish Ddavidd of CBA`s Den, Studio. 



Vir Singh Brar a.k.a RastasardarG/Technoloji - from New Delhi - is drummer and a percussionist who has been in the Indian independent music circuit for more than 10 years. He played with the PRATEEK KUHAD COLLECTIVE for three years, put together a live Hip Hop band along with members of the Chandigarh based DesiBeam and Twoshadez, which originated from HAPPY SOUND PROJECT, and went on to become BACK 2 DA BASICS. He has played with SAB KUCH MILEGA, a Hindi fusion band, and another fusion band called MC EUCALIPS AND THE SOUNDATION, which has a sound they describe as "Beatbox World Transfusion". 

He has played at some of the best festivals and venues in the country such as, the NH7 Weekenders, Escape Festival, Holi Moo, The Grub Fest, Bira April Fools Fest and the Red Bull Tour Bus. He performed at Goa Reggae Sunsplash and Nariyal Paani festivals, with the “GOA REGGAE SUNSPLASH ALL-STARS”, a band put together for the Goa Reggae Sunsplash 2017, showcasing some of the best reggae musicians in India, and some of the international reggae musicians who performed at the Goa Reggae Sunsplash. 

The band continues to play with the musicians from India, and is now known as DIGGY DANG & THE FIRE STARTERS. 

He currently plays with a folk/fusion band, RAJASTHAN ROOTS. He is also currently the drummer for IXIST LIVE, an experimental Hip Hop band, and plays for THE ONE EIGHT PROJECT by PRABH DEEP.



Kartikeya Vashist is an indian Flautist who plays various woodwinds, performs and composes Indian Classical, Folk and World Music.

The highlight of this blend is the seamless merger of the master flautist of mythical melodies with the reggae and folk vibe.                                      



Nishant is a Delhi-based musician, guitarist, and bassist. An experienced performer and a session musician, his strengths lie in versatility and a deep understanding of theories of music. 

He has a Diploma in Music Performance from Global Music Institute. His influences are a mix of different genres which is visible in diverse range of specialisations like blues, jazz to improvisational music.



"May his Reggae Bass God Aston Barrett bless him."

Raja believes that a sweet low rumbling bass tone is the cure of all sufferings. He loves to be surrounded by snappy skanks and cracking rim shots. 

He enjoys holding down the fort with his groove while his mates go trippy on solos. Listen to him play his Marcus Miller Signature Sire V7 Bass and know the meaning of true solace!